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HEG - Hellow Entertainment Group

HEG is an Entertainment Holding Company based in Monterrey, Mexico that operates in different cities. Our work covers different areas, mainly related to the entertainment industry, such as:

Along our years of experience, we have developed many brands and companies. From one of the most important festivals in Northern Mexico (Hellow Festival) to the launching of premium brands, thanks to the development of creative strategies through smart partnerships.


When it comes to our Holding Group our companies are


Hellow Agencia Creativa (Hellow Creative Agency) is a creative agency responsible of designing extraordinary communication experiences and brand awareness through identity and branding, public relations, advertisement, films, corporate and brand events among many other strategies related to the creative scene.

We create conceptual, architectural and interior designs for brands and private customers as well.

A long-term relationship with agencies and artists has become a great advantage for our booking división. We can book international and national Talent from the Best Rock Band or your favorite DJ to any Celebrity, Band or Artist from any Genre. We also can help you connect with the most important speakers from all over the world.

Our experienced creative staff and directors deliver one of a kind strategies and custom-made communication or solution for our clients.

One of the biggest area of the company is our Special Events división which brings our skills of Festival and concert production to Corporate Events, Private Events, Government Events, Talent Booking, Production, Logistics, Operations, Experiencial Branding, BTL Activiations, Launch events, Filming production, Sponsorship Sales & Services among many other In-house Capabilities.

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Hellow Media

Hellow is a Dynamic, constantly evolving Brand, a mature diversified platform. Its a music & a creative content website generator, a major music festival & an exprienced cultural promoter for the youth.

Hellow it´s a call to Action. We have developed a way to communicate with young audiences through experiences, information and awareness of our ideals to all the youngsters out there who want to be in touch with technology, music, arts, fashion, gastronomy in any form or expression.

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SBN is the division responsible for the production, logistics, operation and promotion of our tours, shows and festivals. Focused 100% in the details to create top of the line productions.

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Gastrownomy Culinaria (Gastrownomy Culinary in English) is our Food & Beverage Division, that manages, operates outdoor and indoor venues.

GWC is in charge of all the Food & Beverage logistics and operations of our events such as: private caterings, brands, concerts, tours and festivals.

GWC has been certified by the Mexican Board of Restaurants for its outstanding processes and operational manuals.

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Our Services

Success Stories

Many brands have trusted our companies and events since we deliver a very highly and effective marketing platforms for our advertisers.

We have developed markets for new brands or services creating a space to increase brand awareness and product placement.


Kraken Rum

Kraken Kraken Kraken

Kraken Rum

Kraken Rum has used many of our companies to get in touch with the young audience in order to increase their awareness and gain marketshare.

In 2011 they used our Hellow Festival Platform to create a VIP room in which people could get inside and taste the new product from Casa Cuervo.

As part of the marketing strategy we delivered a huge party in order to position Kraken Rum inside the consumers. The event was: the Kraken Rum party in the underground parking lot of plaza Tanarah, San Pedro, NL with 700 assistants.



Indio Indio Indio


When Indio (Beer) changed their image to Union Indio they used our Noise Festival platform to show it to the Mexican market and to the world through the digital international buzz.


We made an activation inside the Noise Festival where the assistants played Tetris and register themselves to win some prizes sponsored by Unión Indio (ipads, ipods nano and plasma screens). We gave away 141 t-shirts to the players and the rest of the people of the festival.

Brand Towers

We installed two brand towers of Indio where we project tweets with specific hashtags that were always visible to the the audience for promote the interaction between towers and the public.

Bud Light

Bud Light

Bud Light Bud Light Bud Light

Bud Light

In 2014 Ab-inbev became owner of the majority of Grupo Modelo Company in Mexico, representing various brands in the country.

Bud Light their biggest bet in the Northern Market needed to create a highly effective awareness in Monterrey where their biggest competitor holds a big share of the market.

We developed a 360 degrees marketing plan through one of our Festivals. Hellow Festival became the bridge and communication platform to million of people through digital media, experiencial marketing, meet and greets, radio, tv among many other traditional media buzz. Creating Brand Projection throughout the Event with strategic visual spots and product placement.

Thanks to this strategy we created a market for the brand. Since this is an emerging market for them we facilitated a sale channel for their product and tasting to more than 40,000 fans for two days in a row. This will start an initial bond with their new potential consumers, thanks to the universal language: Music.


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